There’s a lesson in everything

So high on life flying so wildly

Momentarily losing my grip on reality

I want to sing, I want to shout

This is the heaven the Mystics and the prophets dream about


Locked up in a cage against my will

Trying to quiet my mind, trying to be still

Forced on backwards unnatural chemicals with the goal to numb my brain

Feeling emotions so deep, thoughts so profound, but that doesn’t make me insane


So don’t pathologize me

I don’t expect for you to apologize to me

But see me for what I am

Keep an open mind and try to understand


The narrow minded will label me what they like

But I’ll be me and continue flying my kite

I don’t buy into mainstream psychiatry

Put me in a box, but it’s not my identity, truly a fallacy


Psychosis, neurosis

Let’s do a little reverse osmosis

What lie are you going to buy into?

What story are you going to put a spin to?


My answer is not pharmaceutical drugs and medication

Or locking the visionaries up without hesitation

Maybe it’s the system that’s sick, not the girl

Maybe we should realize her true gifts and see her world


Realizing that what I went through was all by design

What is meant to be will be and everything will be fine

I had to hit rock bottom to reach the top

I’ll keep climbing, I will not stop


Stable and healthy and growing each day

Loving myself and my world in each and every way

I know who I am and that I am clear headed and well

I climbed the highest mountain and lived to have the story to tell




Inspirational tunes –


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