Hello! I’m Taylor. A deep thinking twenty something liver of life and lover of love. My life thus far has been a beautiful journey with so many meaningful lessons learned along the way. I like to create, mainly poetry and paintings. I love music and dancing to it. I like quiet meditation and snuggles with my kitty. I am fueled by meaningful interactions and conversations of substance. I’m all about transcendence and elevation in consciousness. My newfound discovery in something beyond myself, a creative intelligence and unifying universal force, has brought meaning into my life. For me, spirituality and the meaning of life as all whole all boils down to love. Love others wholeheartedly and love yourself unconditionally. Love the world and love the universe. We are one, perfectly and purposely divinely constructed.


If you are interested, please let me know if you’d like to use my poetry for any musical or literary projects. Collaboration is key in spreading the word of love in the consciousness movement.