Diamond Aura

Living inside a diamond, a ring on a finger

Daydreaming of you, my wonderful singer

Resting upon a pink cloud in the sky

Come catch me, fly so impossibly high

There’s nothing to fear and only up to go

Witness the perfection, stare into the glow

Of that beautiful aura, colors so magical

Visions of love and success so fantastical

So I’ll keep waiting for my destiny to call

I’ll keep praying, hoping to tear down that wall


Hearts Content

Out of sight, out of mind

Read between the lines

This is truth untold

Let’s watch it unfold


Why are you so scared?

Aren’t you the least aware

Of what you are missing

The lips you could be kissing


See your perfect girl

See her less than perfect world

But still better than the rest

Better than your best


Look her in the eyes

See beyond the lies

Fly so freely

Open up and be


Powerful and strong

Despite being wrong

Humble at peace

This love will never cease







+ Today’s inspirational video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSdPkBKHqac#t=216.932635913

Conscious Community

Positivity, negativity

Living in a sea of warped duality

The good and the bad, the heavy and the light

An inner sense of humble power wanting to fight

For a conscious, clean community

Plainly centered on unity

Utopian egalitarian

Divine age of aquarian

No need for separation, money, or competition

All is equal, let’s break the system

Shatter until it is rebuilt anew

We need you, the brave few

Who are willing to let their voice be heard

Those that spread peace, the word

Your perception is your reality

Painting a picture of my minds eye with words from a pen

Writing a song, to me will you sing?

Backwards, forwards, spinning in outer space

Dreaming, longing to see his beautiful face

But I’m no longer on this quest for the perfect man

What will be will be, the right one will see me and understand

The profound beauty deep within my eyes

He will see me for me, who I truly am beyond the guise

That I’m not crazy, just complex and deep

I’m not a zombie, I’m not a sheep, and I’m most certainly not asleep

I’m wide awake, I see through the illusion

I’ve sorted myself out, there is no confusion

My feet may have left the ground once or twice, a couple of times

But it gave me a new perspective, a reason to rhyme

Through these other worldly experiences my perception has been shattered

The things that I thought were important no longer mattered

What I’ve found is beauty, meaning, and a reason for living

That it’s not just meaningless, I have things worth giving

So what I give is my laughter, my hugs, and my smile

I have found happiness, at least for a while

Daydreams of Love

The place where two souls become one

The place where him and her are resting in the sun

The time beyond right now, the future or so it seems

The perfect girl, the girl of his dreams

The perfect boy or is he a man?

He began to realize, he began to understand

That it isn’t always what meets the eye

That what he heard may have been a lie

That she experienced beauty so unreal

Others didn’t understand, they began to feel

That she lost touch, out of her mind

She saw beyond, she knew she was fine

Better than fine, perfect in every way

He finally saw her, he went on to say

He knew who she was, for it was his soul’s reflection

He wanted her, he wanted connection

Was he brave enough to make the first move?

One day he’ll find the courage, one day soon

Until then she waited and she wandered

Free floating daydreams of love she pondered


Don’t conform

Out perform

You were born

To transform


Don’t resonate

With all the hate

Fly like a dove

Within the love


In my eyes

You tantalize

In your kiss

Is my bliss


Soul connection

My reflection

Forever whole

Is my soul


Free I fly

I defy

Oh so high

In the sky


Come up here

It’s so clear

Like a mirror

Have no fear


Don’t be afraid

You were made

To be free

Don’t you see


So come on home

Come on home

You’re not alone

Not alone