Meditate Levitate Elevate

It starts with a quiet mind, meditation

Then steadily floating midair, levitation

Finally to rise to new heights, elevation


It is more about being

Than doing, about freeing

The mind and seeing


The world with new eyes

To wake up and realize

Life’s purpose is to rise


Beyond chaos

Beyond the mess

Beyond distress


So find heart resonance

Return to presence

Discover your essence


A sweet sensation

Pure ecstatic elation

Rising to the occasion


To be the best of your ability

Seeing beyond duality

A mind of tranquility


Continue flowing, continue growing

Never truly knowing

Exactly where you’re going


Because life is not about the destination

Or a preconceived expectation

But about the journey and the inspiration


That keeps your fire burning

That keeps your mind learning

So be discerning


Of each step along the way

And eventually one day

You’ll wake up to say


You love who and where you are

You’ve gone so incredibly far

Past the moon and the stars