Meditate Levitate Elevate

It starts with a quiet mind, meditation

Then steadily floating midair, levitation

Finally to rise to new heights, elevation


It is more about being

Than doing, about freeing

The mind and seeing


The world with new eyes

To wake up and realize

Life’s purpose is to rise


Beyond chaos

Beyond the mess

Beyond distress


So find heart resonance

Return to presence

Discover your essence


A sweet sensation

Pure ecstatic elation

Rising to the occasion


To be the best of your ability

Seeing beyond duality

A mind of tranquility


Continue flowing, continue growing

Never truly knowing

Exactly where you’re going


Because life is not about the destination

Or a preconceived expectation

But about the journey and the inspiration


That keeps your fire burning

That keeps your mind learning

So be discerning


Of each step along the way

And eventually one day

You’ll wake up to say


You love who and where you are

You’ve gone so incredibly far

Past the moon and the stars


Limitless Love

She thought happy thoughts wrote happy words so poetically

Those creative juices flowing through her so effortlessly

Feeling his true nature his essence from afar energetically

Inner and outer beauty of perfection flawless aesthetically

Attraction more than physical of the mind of the soul magnetically


Omniscient creativity, selfless glowing divinity

Reaching the never ending expansiveness of infinity

An all knowing unconditionally loving force

A creative undying timeless eternal source

Spirit guides, guardian angels, mystical teachers

No dogmatic preachers, just higher reachers

A context without the confines of religiosity

Driven purely by internal spiritual curiosity

God is not a person but a boundless energy

Living inside each of us, a spiritual synergy

Birthless deathless reincarnated existence

In order to learn lessons of soul subsistence

Heaven is perfect nirvana and egoless oneness

Ultimately beginning and ending in wholeness

Clean Clear Contentment

No more anger or sadness

No depression, no madness

Positively happy and cheerful

No longer the least bit fearful

Stable, clear headed, and strong

Dancing through life to the tune of a song

Doing it naturally without hesitation

Living cleanly without medication

Growing into my best version

Totally loving myself as a person

Feeling complete and utterly content

Knowing that this life is heaven sent

A Love Story

Little lost girl lost in her own confusion

Little lost boy lost in a pit of disillusion

She was taunted by her own biology

He was haunted by his own psychology

She grew into a woman who fantasized

He grew into a man yet to open his eyes

The woman dreamt of him every night

The man dreamt of her what a fright

Pretty lady so pure so sweet that Bella

Gentle, tall, and lean that Peter Patrick fella

Bella loved him, but she couldn’t call

Peter ignored her and built a wall

Somehow she found a way to tear it down

After many years he finally came around

The attraction was magnetic and undeniable

Their love was pure, heartfelt, and reliable

They blossomed and they bloomed

Somehow their song had changed tune

A melody so carefree so inspired

She held his hand and took him higher

Quantum Leaps into the Atmosphere

Sweet perfection

Sharing this connection

Reborn soul resurrection

Awakening with new eyes

Aura growing in size

Taking myself by surprise

So happy and clear

Nothing to fear

Loving what I see in the mirror

Charisma so magnetic

Premonitions so prophetic

Positivity kinetic

All in motion

Got the magic potion

Inspired emotion

Manifesting my hearts desires

Continuing to raise higher

Vibratory inner fire

Hearts Content

Out of sight, out of mind

Read between the lines

This is truth untold

Let’s watch it unfold


Why are you so scared?

Aren’t you the least aware

Of what you are missing

The lips you could be kissing


See your perfect girl

See her less than perfect world

But still better than the rest

Better than your best


Look her in the eyes

See beyond the lies

Fly so freely

Open up and be


Powerful and strong

Despite being wrong

Humble at peace

This love will never cease







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