Clean Clear Contentment

No more anger or sadness

No depression, no madness

Positively happy and cheerful

No longer the least bit fearful

Stable, clear headed, and strong

Dancing through life to the tune of a song

Doing it naturally without hesitation

Living cleanly without medication

Growing into my best version

Totally loving myself as a person

Feeling complete and utterly content

Knowing that this life is heaven sent


Strength, Courage, Conviction

Releasing self limitations

Freeing myself from expectations

Knowing in my heart what is right

Trusting my gut, no need to fight

Standing in my power, standing strong

Unshakeable faith, how can this be wrong?

No more aimless directionless wandering

No more questioning, no more pondering

Confident for what the future holds

Unapologetically bold, let’s break the mold

Courageous, fearful no more

Breaking barriers, it’s time to explore

New frontiers in my inner and outer world

I’m a woman, no longer a girl

No excuses, no self defeating thoughts

I know who I am, I know what I’m not

I know where I’m headed, I know where I belong

I’ve chosen this path, I’ve chosen to be strong

This is where I’m going, no looking back now

I’ve discovered myself, what was lost is found